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Colour Consultation - A|M Designs & Decor
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Colour Consultation

There is a lot of power in a paintbrush! The colours of a room can really set the mood of your home. Colour can be used to enhance a wall or a fabric that would otherwise fade away and not be noticed. Colour can make a space look lighter, darker, airy or cozy. Choosing the right interior and exterior colours can increase the value of your home, while selecting the wrong colours can do completely the opposite. Simple changes such as the colour on a dining room ceiling or colour of white for the trim can have a positive or negative effect on the overall feel of a room. The exterior door colour can even tell the whole story of what is going on inside the home. Changing the colour of a room can be transforming. It seems so simple, but may very well be one of the most challenging decorating decisions you will ever have to make.

Hiring A|M Design & Decor to guide you through the home colour consultation process can make all the difference. At A|M Design & Decor, we will review your entire home, not just one room, to ensure flow, balance and harmony are achieved, while still taking a very creative approach. Our home colour consultation will take into consideration everything in your home – from the colour of your kitchen countertops to the grout in your brick to the drawer pulls in your entryway. Whether it is paint, furniture, fabric, or art – through a home colour consultation with A|M Design & Decor, we can help you choose the right colours of your home, both inside and out. From your trim to the ceiling, we will make sure it is done right the very first time!

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